Welcome to World Brand Journal,

World Brand Journal, originally named "Pimp Your Oatmeal," came about selling handbags at Nordstrom. I'd planned every commission to go towards a plane ticket to accomplish what Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed were doing; integrating heart, business and brains - through travel. 

When the time came, I sold everything and bought a 1-way ticket.

Months later, on a beach in Tulum with limited wifi and a bowl of oats, this blog hatched.  Actors, architects, politicians, world travelers, writers, models, they all flocked to build their brand abroad but I was too nervous to ask about their journey. 

Eventually, I returned to Los Angeles and signed up for a marketing course at General Assembly. For my class project, I needed to build a portfolio. To do this I needed case studies and to acquire those I needed to start interviewing people.  Through this process, Pimp Your Oatmeal sprouted World Brand Journal. How these two will work together or merge is still gelling. Nevertheless, it's an ode to business owners and adventure seekers, turtles in Mexico and the Milky Way.

Thank you, dear reader, for joining us.  Cheers to your stories, goods, and places you love.



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